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How to backup and restore SquaredUp for Azure

Backing up SquaredUp for Azure

You will need to connect to your SquaredUp server.

We recommend you stop the squaredupv4 application pool and then backup the entire squaredupv4 application folder.

For an Azure Marketplace deployment the squaredupv4 folder will typically be located at F:\squaredupv4.

For an install using the downloadable installer the default location is C:\inetpub\wwwroot\SquaredUpv4, but a custom location may have been chosen during the installation.

If you wish you can just backup the SquaredUpv4\User folder, as this is where your specific dashboards and settings are located. Within the User folder the Packages folder contains your user-published dashboards and perspectives and Configuration folder contains your SquaredUp configuration settings.

Restoring SquaredUp for Azure

  1. Run the 'Deploy SquaredUp For Azure' tool on the Windows Start menu, to redeploy the same version of SquaredUp.

    If you wish to install the latest version of SquaredUp download the latest version and run the installer.

  2. Log on to SquaredUp for Azure and complete the setup to configure SquaredUp, such as activating your licence and Azure AD authorisation. If you need an additional activation please contact SquaredUp Support.
  3. In IIS stop the squaredupv4 application pool.
  4. Restore the SquaredUpv4\User folder.
  5. Restart the squaredupv4 application pool.

If you restore to a new machine or operating system, you will need to reconfigure any Web API connections. API connections are encrypted, so any old connections will not be accessible because they cannot be decrypted on the new machine.

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