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How to change which Azure tenant your instance of SquaredUp is connected to

To change the Azure Active Directory tenant that your instance of SquaredUp is using, you will need to modify the tenant-id in the openid.json on the SquaredUp for Azure server and then recycle the SquaredUpv4 application pool.

You will need to connect to your SquaredUp server.

Changing the tenant ID

  1. On the SquaredUp for Azure server, run notepad as administrator (File, Run, type notepad, and then right-click and select Run as administrator) and then open the following file:


    For an Azure Marketplace deployment the squaredupv4 folder will typically be located at F:\squaredupv4.

    For an install using the downloadable installer the default location is C:\inetpub\wwwroot\SquaredUpv4, but a custom location may have been chosen during the installation.

  2. The file will contain four properties:





  3. Replace the tenant-id property with the ID of the new tenant you wish to use.

    You can find the tenant/directory ID the Azure portal is using from the Azure portal Azure Active Directory > Properties (under Manage) > Directory ID and clicking Copy to clipboard.

  4. Remove the values for the client-id and client-secret properties. Your file will look something like this:

      "tenant-id": "a3b25c6f-1fa0-4ec1-8cda-6240690e021e",
      "client-id": "",
      "client-secret": "",
      "redirect-uri": "https://squaredup.contoso.com"
  5. Save the file.
  6. In IIS recycle the SquaredUpv4 application pool for the setting to take effect.
  7. If you now browse to SquaredUp, you will be prompted to re-complete the Azure AD Setup with your new tenant. You will need a global admin user to run the setup wizard.

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