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How to configure Open Access

As no user is logged in when Open Access dashboards are being used, the SquaredUp enterprise application (service principal) is used.

Open Access dashboards will only show resources, resource groups or subscriptions for which the enterprise application has at least the role of Reader.

If the SquaredUpAzure enterprise application has not been given access to any of the resources or subscriptions that a tile is scoped to then users will see zero cost or one of the following messages depending on the tile:

No resources matched the specified scope.

No entities found.

There are no Azure subscriptions available: Check the Access Control (IAM) role and scope for the subscriptions you intend to access.

To allow resources to show on Open Access dashboards you need to give the SquaredUp enterprise application a minimum of the Reader role.

  1. In the Azure portal browse to the resource, resource group or subscription you wish to give access to.
  2. On the menu click on Access control (IAM).
  3. Click the Add button, then Add role assignment
  4. In the Role box type Reader and select it from the list.
  5. In the Select box type SquaredUpAzure and select your SquaredUp enterprise application. (If you have several SquaredUp applications you can identify the correct enterprise application by searching and opening Enterprise Applications > searching for SquaredUpAzure > clicking on the application with your SquaredUp server name in the Homepage URL column > clicking the Copy to clipboard button next to the Name > pasting the full name with GUID in the box here).
  6. Click the Save button.
  7. Now restart your SquaredUp virtual machine to allow the role take effect.
  8. Check the Open Access page now shows the resource, resource group or subscription you gave access to.

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