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How to make a user a SquaredUp administrator

Only SquaredUp administrators can manage SquaredUp. A SquaredUp administrator can give other users permission to create dashboards within Team Folders, so not all dashboard authors need to be SquaredUp administrators.

To make a user a SquaredUp administrator the user account needs to be assigned the SquaredUpAdministrator role for the SquaredUpAzure enterprise application. Alternatively, you can add the user to a group that has been assigned this role. For more information see the Microsoft article: Assign a user or group to an enterprise app in Azure Active Directory.

Assigning an account the 'SquaredUpAdministrator' role for the 'SquaredUpAzure' enterprise application

  1. Log in to the Azure portal with a suitable Azure AD role.
  2. Search for Enterprise applications.
  3. Within Enterprise applications search for SquaredUpAzure.

    If you have more than one SquaredUpAzure application check the homepage URL and select the app you wish to add a user to.

    SquaredUpAzure Enterprise Application

  4. Click on Users and groups from the menu.
  5. Click the Add user button.
  6. Select the user or group you wish to add.
  7. Select the role SquaredUpAdministrator.
  8. Click the Assign button.

How to deploy SquaredUp for Azure

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