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How to upgrade SquaredUp for Azure

This article concerns upgrading from one release of SquaredUp for Azure to another, for example v4.4.3 to the latest release of SquaredUp for Azure.

To upgrade SquaredUp for Azure from any older release of v4 to the latest release of v4, you need to download and run the latest version of the installer.

Before upgrading we recommend you backup SquaredUp for Azure.

Upgrading SquaredUp for Azure

You will need to connect to your SquaredUp server.

If you have more than one instance of SquaredUp for Azure, such as a service provider with several tenants, then you will need to upgrade each in turn, taking care to select the correct instance each time.

  1. On the SquaredUp for Azure server, download the latest version of SquaredUp for Azure.
  2. Run the installer that you have downloaded.
  3. You are warned that a restart of the server may be required. Click Next to continue.
  4. Accept the Licence Agreement and click Install.
  5. Leave the default install type as In-Place.

    Deployment Type In-Place

    The installer automatically chooses the appropriate install type:

    In-Place - If the installer detects a version of SquaredUp for Azure is already installed then it will default to an In-Place upgrade, meaning that it will upgrade the current v4 instance.

    For example, if you already have v4.4.3 installed and you want to upgrade to v4.5, you should leave the install type as the default of In-place.

    If you do not wish to upgrade the existing installation you can click edit and choose New installation. See How to install SquaredUp for Azure using the installer.

  6. Click next.
  7. Check the deployment location specified and click Next or Deploy.

    Deployment Location

    Deployment In Progress

  8. Once the deployment is complete click Finish.

    Upgrade Complete

Known Issues

Two 'Deploy SquaredUp' tools on the start menu

If you upgraded from SquaredUp for Azure v4.4 to v4.5 you will see two 'Deploy SquaredUp' tools on the Windows Start menu. You should use the v4.5 'Deploy SquaredUp For Azure' deploy tool, and ignore the older 'Deploy SquaredUp' tool.

The Deploy tool is added by the installer and allows you to jump into the installer to the point where you can deploy an instance of SquaredUp. It is used if your server had to restart during the installation and the installer didn't restart automatically. It can also be used to deploy further instances of that version of SquaredUp.

'Deploy SquaredUp for Azure' - this is the deploy tool for SquaredUp v4.5 and is the one you should use.

Deploy SquaredUp For Azure

'Deploy SquaredUp' - this is the deploy tool for SquaredUp v4.4, which you can ignore.

Deploy SquaredUp

If you wish to install a further instance of SquaredUp for Azure you can run the deploy tool from Start > SquaredUp for Azure > Deploy SquaredUp for Azure. Many licence keys only allow one activation, so you may need to contact Support for assistance.

Two SquaredUp uninstallers in 'Add or Remove Programs'

If you upgraded from SquaredUp for Azure v4.4 to v4.5 you will see two uninstallers for SquaredUp for Azure.

To remove all instances of SquaredUp for Azure you should run the 4.5 uninstaller first, then the 4.4 uninstaller. This will clean up the files from the v4.5 installation and the old v4.4 installation location.

  • SquaredUp for Azure 4.4
  • SquaredUp for Azure 4.5

Two Uninstallers

See How to remove SquaredUp for Azure.

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