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Welcome to SquaredUp for Azure

SquaredUp for Azure gives you and your team live, interactive and shareable dashboards for your Azure applications, resources and services.

Two ways to install SquaredUp for Azure

Deploy via the Azure Marketplace

The easiest way to start is to deploy SquaredUp for Azure from the Azure Marketplace. We create a virtual machine in your Azure tenant, running our web application and IIS, and a read-only Azure application in your Azure AD that will populate your dashboards by querying Azure APIs in real-time. If you don't already have a licence for SquaredUp for Azure, we will email you a free 30 day trial licence to get you started when you create your first deployment from the Marketplace.

For more information see How to deploy SquaredUp for Azure.

Use the downloadable installer

You may prefer to use the SquaredUp for Azure downloadable installer rather than deploy via the Marketplace. For example, if you wish to deploy on an existing Azure virtual machine, a non-Azure machine, or due to security factors.

For a step-by-step guide to installing SquaredUp for Azure using the downloadable installer please see How to install SquaredUp for Azure using the installer.

More information

Take a look at the What's New article and Release Notes for more information on the updates and new features.

If you need assistance, or have any feedback, please just open a ticket using the form at the top right of this Knowledge Base.

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