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What's New in SquaredUp for Azure

What's New in v4.5

SquaredUp for Azure v4.5 brings five new major features:

  • Cost Management tile - Line Graph Tree Map and Sun Burst visualisations
  • Log Analytics visualisations
  • Alert donut and drilldown
  • Performance tile improvements including Heatmap and dimensions
  • Export to Excel

Cost Management tile

Create new Cost tiles to enhance your ability to see what you are spending the most on in Azure across different levels, like resource groups, subscriptions, and resource types. You can identify cost increases over time with SquaredUp's line graphs, or determine areas of cost with the tree map and sun burst visualisations.

See How to use the Cost Management tile for more information.

Log Analytics visualisations

You can now use line graphs and donuts in the Log Analytics tile to provide enhanced visualisations of Azure Monitor logs, as well as showing log data as either a scalar number or in grid tabular form.

Alerts donuts and drilldowns

SquaredUp for Azure version 4.5 includes a new Alerts donut tile to summarise alerts for different scopes by severity, resolved state etc - with drilldowns to underlying alert information.

Performance tile enhancements

We have now added a heatmap visualisation so you can quickly identify problems across a set of resources. This allows you to split metrics by dimensions – so, for example, you can show availability for each test or each location for any app monitored by AppInsights.

Export to Excel

Export the data from your whole dashboard to Excel for further analysis or sharing.

Download now & more information

You can either deploy SquaredUp for Azure via the Azure Marketplace or install using the downloadable installer.

You can download v4.5 directly from here and read the Release Notes for details on other improvements in this release.

For a step by step guide on how to update your SquaredUp for Azure deployment to the latest version see How to upgrade SquaredUp for Azure.

Release Notes

Download the latest version

How to deploy SquaredUp for Azure via the Azure Marketplace

How to install SquaredUp for Azure using the downloadable installer

How to upgrade SquaredUp for Azure

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