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An Overview of SquaredUp Licensing

Each SquaredUp licence is restricted to a single Azure tenant (Azure Active Directory) but can access and display data from multiple Azure subscriptions.

Where to find your activation key

You will need a licence activation key (often called a licence key or activation key) to install SquaredUp for Azure. You will have received this by email following your purchase or free trial. If you do not have an activation key please contact Support.

Licence information

The Trial licence allows for unlimited users and all features for a 30 day evaluation in your own environment and is available from here

The Primary licence will be sent to you following your purchase, and should be used on your SquaredUp Production server.

The Test licence designed for your test or dev lab is included free of charge with a purchase.


Named Users refers to the number of users who can log on to SquaredUp, and is restricted by the number of Named User licences you have purchased. See SquaredUp Users and How to manage Named Users.

Team Folders enable you to deliver dashboards and delegate control to different teams within your organisation (or to different clients if you are a service provider). See Team Folders.

Open Access enables easy sharing of dashboards throughout your organization. Open Access dashboards are non-interactive, do not require authentication and do not consume Named User licences. See Open Access.

The Support Portal allows access to online and email support from SquaredUp https://support.squaredup.com/

For more information about licence pricing see pricing information.


The Status tile allows you to show resources, resource groups and subscriptions. See How to use the Status tile

The Alerts tile allows you to view alerts on your dashboards and perspectives.

The Matrix tile shows detailed health state, performance metrics and other information for a list of resources. See How to use the Matrix tile.

The Image tile allows you to show resources, resource groups and subscriptions on an image background, such as a map. See How to use the Image tile

The Cost Management tile shows the cost of Azure resources and resource groups. See How to use the Cost Management tile.

The Web Content (iFrame) tile enables you to enrich your dashboards with data from other web pages and custom HTML. See How to use the Web Content tile.

The SQL tile enables you to display data from any external SQL database in your dashboards. See How to use the SQL tile.

The Performance tile shows graph visualisations of Azure Monitor metrics data. See How to use the Performance tile.

The Web API tile allows you to use Web API (i.e. RESTful) queries in your dashboards and perspectives to automatically display contextual data from other web data sources, such as ServiceNow or Splunk. See How to use the Web API tile.

The ServiceNow tile allows you to easily query data from ServiceNow and display this data in SquaredUp.

The Logs tile allows you to add Log Analytics queries in your dashboards and perspectives.

The App Insights tile allows you to add Application Insights queries.


SquaredUp Users

How to activate your licence

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