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Open Access


Open Access enables easy sharing of dashboards throughout your organization. Open Access dashboards do not require authentication and do not consume named user licences.

When users view an Open Access dashboard they see a server-rendered bitmap version of the dashboard that updates every minute. Open Access dashboards are non-interactive, which means that users can't click on the dashboard content to drill down to more detail.

When Open Access is enabled, normal dashboards can still be accessed on the normal URL and will work as you'd expect, but individual dashboards can be made Open Access and then accessed from a distinct Open Access URL.

You can choose to use the Open Access navigation bar to give easy access to a range of Open Access dashboards, or simply give users an individual Open Access dashboard URL without the navigation bar.

Check the Server Spec and Sizing Guidelines for information about memory recommendations for running Open Access.

Configuring Open Access

Open Access enables easy sharing of dashboards, that do not require authentication to view. As no user is logged in, the SquaredUp enterprise application (service principal) is used. Open Access dashboards will only show resources, resource groups or subscriptions for which the enterprise application has at least the role of Reader.

See How to configure Open Access

Publishing Open Access dashboards

For more information see How to publish dashboards with Open Access

How to configure Open Access

How to publish dashboards with Open Access

Troubleshooting Open Access

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