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Export to Excel


SquaredUp (v4.5 and above) allows you to export the data shown on a dashboard or perspective to an Excel spreadsheet, using the Export to Excel button shown at the top right of the screen:

Export to Excel

Each tile is exported to a separate tab within the file which is saved to the user's downloads folder.

Supported tiles

  • Status tiles
  • Alerts tiles
  • Image tile
  • Cost: Scalar
  • SQL tiles
  • Performance tiles
  • Web API tiles
  • ServiceNow tiles
  • Logs tiles
  • App Insights tiles

Unsupported tiles

Data from these tiles cannot be exported to Excel.

  • Matrix
  • Cost: Sunburst
  • Cost: Treemap
  • Web Content

Known Issues

Export fails when a Grid tile has only one row of data (SU-8113)

When a Grid tile has only one row of data the export to Excel fails and the following message is shown:

Export Failed: No supported tiles found.

The exported spreadsheet does not show the correct data (SU-4965)

Filters which have been applied to the tile view are not reflected in the exported spreadsheet. For example, the Alerts tile will export all alerts even if it is configured to only show those in certain states, or the exported spreadsheet will not show columns that have been added to the tile view.

Release Notes

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