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Maintenance Page


The Maintenance page is new to v4.5 and only visible to SquaredUp administrators. It is accessible from the top right-hand menu ☰ system > maintenance. It is designed to help you maintain and troubleshoot SquaredUp.


SquaredUp periodically checks for updates, and if an update is available then this section will show a link to the Release Notes and to download the installer.

Updates section

Remote Administration

If SquaredUp detects that it is running on an Azure virtual machine (VM) then a link Open in Azure Portal will be shown. The link takes you to the VM resource page in the Azure portal, if you have access to the VM resource.

The Connect with RDP link allows you to download a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) link file which can be used to remotely connect to the SquaredUp server. This is particularly useful for installing updates and troubleshooting.

To RDP to a machine you will need to open port 3389 as described in the Microsoft article: Cannot connect remotely to a VM because RDP port is not enabled in NSG, and then log in using the credentials specified when creating the VM.


Log Level

SquaredUp can record five different levels of logging data: debug, information, warning, error, fatal.

Logs section

The log level chosen determines which of the five levels of logging data are recorded, as shown below.

Log level Logging data shown Log file size
Debug All 5 levels of log entries are recorded: debug, information, warning, error, and fatal. Larger log files
Information Information, warning, error, and fatal log entries. Default logging level
Warning Only the highest levels of warning, error, and fatal are shown. Smaller log files

SquaredUp Support may ask you to increase the logging level to debug if they need more information to be recorded for troubleshooting. Alternatively, you may choose to decrease the logging level to warning if you wish to record less information, and reduce the file size of the logs.

Log Files

Log files

The Log Files section shows the most recent log files, up to 10 days old, which can be downloaded individually. The download logs button automatically downloads the last 7 days worth of logs.

When you are in contact with Support they may ask you to run the SquaredUp diagnostics script, as this collects more useful configuration information along with the logs.

Log Viewer

The log viewer shows you the last 20 log entries on-screen.

If you need any assistance please contact Support.

SquaredUp download

Where to find log files

Collecting diagnostic information

Release Notes

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