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SquaredUp Spec and Sizing Guidelines

Server Sizing Guidelines

SquaredUp has no defined minimum requirements for installation, the following specifications are a guideline on how you may wish to set-up your environment.

Environment SquaredUp Users Virtual Machine Spec
Small Lab <10 Standard DS1 v2 *
Small Production <10 Standard DS2 v2
Large Production 10 - 100 Standard DS3 v2
Very Large Production >100 Standard DS4 v2

* If you find that deploying SquaredUp to a DS1 v2 VM results in SquaredUp being unable to open, it is possible to deploy to a DS2 VM and later resize down to Standard DS1 v2.

When using Open Access we recommend an additional 100 MB memory for each dashboard that is enabled for Open Access (regardless of how many clients are connecting to the Open Access dashboard).

Supported Browsers

SquaredUp works best with the latest versions of Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari on desktop & mobile.

How to deploy SquaredUp for Azure

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