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How to scope tiles

The scope section within the configuration of many tiles allows you to define what is shown by that tile. For many tiles the scope is mandatory, but for some such as API tiles, it is optional as it can be used to filter the results further.


It is worth noting the following points:

  • Results are shown across all subscriptions (unless the subscription option is chosen to specify only one or more subscriptions).
  • Users will only see in SquaredUp what they are allowed to see in the Azure portal, which is controlled by role-based access control (RBAC) for Azure resources.
  • When scoping the Performance tile all the resources must be of the same type. The filter by type option is essential when scoping by resource group subscription or tags. When using the list option take care to select resources of the same type.


List allows you to select several individual items to show.

Start typing and after two characters all items where the name matches will be listed for you to select from. You can add one or more items to the list to be shown.

For example, for the Status tile you may wish to list two individual virtual machines. Or when using the Cost Management Scalar tile the cost for the two virtual machines added together will be shown.

Resource Group

Search and select any resource groups. For the Status tile the resources within that resource group are shown. For the Cost Management Scalar tile the cost of that resource group is shown.



Select a subscription from the dropdown box if you wish to restrict results to only one or more subscriptions. When this is not used results are shown across all subscriptions.


This scope section allows you to show items with a particular tag.

Add the tag name and the tag value you want to use to search for. If you wish you can add multiple tags and the search 'ands' the tags to search items which are tagged with all the tags listed.


Scope type can be used to show all resources of a particular type, for example all databases across all subscriptions, by typing databases and selecting SQL databases.

Filter by type

Tick filter by type to only show resources of a particular type (within the resource group, subscription or tags chosen). For example, show only virtual machines, by typing virtual and selecting virtualmachines from the list.

Show hidden types

This works in the same way as the Show hidden types option in the Azure portal.

Hidden types include some ancillary resources which are created/managed by Azure infrastructure. It might be useful to display these resources when cleaning up your resource groups or subscriptions.

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