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How to reactivate your licence

When SquaredUp have modified your licence, for example you have renewed, upgraded your licence or purchased more named users, you will need to reactivate the licence for the changes to take effect. These instructions apply if you have been told to use the same licence activation key as before.

If you have been sent a new licence activation key, if for example your licence expired before you were able to renew, you should enter the new key on the activation screen when prompted when you open SquaredUp.

Use this article if you have been asked to reactivate an existing licence activation key.

  1. Log in to SquaredUp as an admin user.
  2. Browse to the right-hand menu ☰ > system > licensing.
  3. In the Active License section at the top of the page click on the reactivate button.


  4. Click confirm.

How to activate your licence

An overview of SquaredUp licensing

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