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How to use the Image tile

The Image tile displays resources, resource groups or subscriptions on an image background, such as a map. If the resource has a health state this is also shown.

Image tile

https://freevectormaps.com/ has a selection of maps to download.

Walkthrough: Creating a map dashboard using the Image tile

The Image tile can be used on a dashboard or a perspective. This walkthrough shows you how to add an Image tile to a dashboard.

  1. In SquaredUp navigate to where you'd like the dashboard to be created. Hover over the + button and click dashboard.
  2. Give the dashboard a title, by replacing the text that says New Dashboard.

    The dashboard is saved as you go along so there's no need to save your changes. You can find your dashboard by clicking on the right-hand menu ☰ > system > unpublished.

  3. A new tile has already been added to the dashboard. Edit the title by overwriting the placeholder value New tile with your own title.
  4. The tile selector will already be open. Click Image.

    Image tile

  5. Click Resources, Resource Groups or Subscriptions depending on what you'd like to display.
  6. You can either drag your own image into the box to upload it, or select one of the world maps provided. For this walkthrough select one of the maps.
  7. Click next to move to the scope section.
  8. The scope section allows you to define what is shown. For example, you might click resource group then type the name of the resource group you want to show, and then click on it from the results.

    Correctly scoping the tile is probably the most important part, so to find out more see How to scope tiles

    Icons for the resources should appear after a moment.

  9. You can now drag the icons into position on the map.

    You could stop here, but we'll continue to configure the tile.

  10. The icons section allows you to change the icon size.

    Image Icons Section

  11. The label section allows you to use the custom option to create a custom label. Click on custom, then click on the mustache {{}} helper button on the right to show the custom label dropdown list:

    Custom label dropdown list

  12. The dropdown list shows all the options available along with an example value. In this walkthrough you can select location. This will then appear in the label template box, and you can edit to add a dash between the fields, so it shows as {{name}}-{{location}}

    Custom Label

  13. Click done.

    Complete Image tile

How to use custom labelling

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