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How to install SquaredUp for SCOM v4

Installing SquaredUp takes just 5 minutes. It can be installed on any server and does not require any new databases or SCOM Management Packs.

You'll probably install SquaredUp in a test environment first, so this guide is designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

When you're ready to deploy into production you may have a few questions - such as upgrades and designing for high availability - which we cover in our Deployment FAQ.

What you need

A restart of the server may be required.

Where to install

SquaredUp can be installed on any Windows Server in your environment. The setup application will automatically install IIS and any other pre-requisites, so the only dependency is that the server will need access to your SCOM Management Server and your SCOM Data Warehouse server. (If you want, you can even install it on one of these two servers.)

Here is what we recommend:

  • Ideally, provision a new server dedicated to hosting SquaredUp
  • Alternatively, install it on an existing SCOM Web Console Server
  • Or install it on a SCOM Management Server

For more information, see Server Spec and Sizing Guidelines.

Run the installer

  1. Run the installer .exe that you have downloaded.

    SquaredUp v4 Setup

  2. Click Next
  3. Accept the Licence Agreement and click Install.

    Accept the licence Agreement

    Prerequisites will be installed if not installed already.


    A restart of the server may be required:


    If your server has restarted the install should resume when the server restarts, but you may need to click Deploy SquaredUp from the Start menu.

  4. Click Next to move on to check the deployment location.

    Deployment Type

    If you have an earlier version of SquaredUp installed, the installer will default to installing v4 side-by-side to your previous instance:

    Side by side installation

    Our recommended upgrade method for production environments, is a side-by-side upgrade. For full details of the recommendations and options see How to migrate from SquaredUp v3 to v4.

  5. Check the installation details and click next.

    Deployment Location

  6. Enter the fully qualified domain name of your SCOM Management server and click Deploy.

    Management Server Address

    Deployment In Progress

  7. Once the deployment is complete click Finish.


Logon to SquaredUp for the first time

Clicking Launch at the end of the installation will open SquaredUp in a browser. If it doesn't open automatically browse to the appropriate URL for SquaredUp v4, which by default is http://localhost/SquaredUpv4.

Before you can get started, SquaredUp has to complete some final configuration of your environment, such as activating your licence and configuring the connection to the SCOM Data Warehouse.

  1. Log in to SquaredUp as a SCOM admin user, who is also a SQL sysadmin for the SCOM Data Warehouse database.

    Setup Login Screen

    If you are unable to log in, go to File, Run, type notepad, right-click and select Run as administrator and C:\inetpub\wwwroot\SquaredUpv4\User\Configuration\scom.json to check that the SCOM server name is correct.

  2. Enter your activation key and click Activate. You will have received your trial activation key by email. If you already have SquaredUp v3 please see How to migrate from SquaredUp v3 to v4 for information about getting a v4 activation key and further considerations.

    Activation Screen

    If your server is not connected to the internet (or the online activation didn't work because of proxy settings) click offline activation.

    If you see a message that the maximum number of activations has been exceeded see Maximum number of activations exceeded for the provided key. You may receive this error if using your v3 activation key on v4, please see How to migrate from SquaredUp v3 to v4 for how to proceed.

  3. Click Setup to configure the connection to the Data Warehouse.

    Data Warehouse Setup Screen

    SquaredUp connects to the Data Warehouse to show performance metrics and other data. This page will automatically add the permissions necessary for SquaredUp to read the data from the Data Warehouse.

    If you see an error saying the login failed, see this article An error occurred: Cannot open database "OperationsManagerDW" requested by the login. The login failed. Login failed for user

    If the Data Warehouse connection can't be configured automatically, you can configure the Data Warehouse Permissions Manually

    Data Warehouse Connection Successful Setup Screen

  4. Click Setup to configure Open Access.

    Open Access Setup

  5. Once Open Access is configured, click Next to continue.

    Open Access Configured

  6. Enterprise Application Monitoring requires several additional SCOM management packs. The Core Library enables Enterprise Applications to be saved into and monitored by SCOM, others provide a number of useful SCOM Agent Tasks to allow discovery to run in Visual Application Discovery & Analysis (VADA). Click Import to import them now.

    Enterprise Application Monitoring

  7. Click Import to import a set of Dashboard Packs to get started. More packs can be installed once the setup is complete.

    Dashboard Packs

  8. Setup is now complete and the Getting Started page will be displayed.

If you have queries about how you might deploy SquaredUp into your production environment see Deployment FAQ

Next steps

We've put together a short guide on some of the best features you'll want to check out in our Getting Started Guide.

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