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How to edit the navigation bar

There are several ways to edit the navigation bar in SquaredUp v4, ranging from the global navigation editor for admin users to folder by folder navigation editors.

In SquaredUp v4 administrators can manage the top level navigation bar structure using the global navigation editor, as well as move dashboards within folders from the folder settings pages themselves.

Dashboards within a Team folder can be managed by authors and owners using the Team Folder settings page.

Editing the top level navigation bar

The global navigation editor is accessible only by SCOM admins from the right-hand menu ☰ > edit navigation or system > dashboards.

This allows administrators to reposition globally viewable folders and Team Folders on the navigation bar, as well as the ability to move any globally viewable dashboards.

Edit Navigation

Globally viewable (normal) dashboards are shown simply by the dashboard name.

Globally viewable folders (normal folders that appear on the navigation bars for everyone) are shown by a folder icon: View folder settings button

Team folders are shown with this icon: Team Folder

Managing the dashboards within Team Folders is done from the Team Folder settings page

Click on the dashboard 'handle' to drag it to a new position, for example, drag it to the right to move it into a subfolder.

Move dashboard

Reordering content is saved automatically and any changes are instantly reflected.

There are 3 icons across different elements of the navigation editor:

The edit team folder Edit Team Folder icon is shown next to Team Folders and clicking it will take you to the Team Folder settings page where you can view and sort the dashboards within the Team Folder.

The view folder button View button takes you to the folder itself to view or edit that folder.

The delete button Delete button will delete items. This deletes the dashboard or folder and sub-contents completely, not just from the navigation bar.

Sorting dashboards within a folder using folder settings

Each folder has its own settings page which shows the contents of the folder. Administrators can go into the folder settings page to sort dashboards within the folder or add subfolders.

If it is a Team Folder or part of a Team Folder, then only admins and users with author or higher permissions to that Team Folder have access.

  1. In SquaredUp navigate to the folder where you wish to rearrange dashboards.
  2. Click on the view folder settings button at the top right of the page.

    View folder settings button

  3. Click on the edit this folder button.

    Edit this folder button

  4. Click on the dashboard 'handle' to drag it to a new position.

    Sort dashboards

Moving a dashboard from the dashboard settings

  1. Browse to the dashboard you want to move. Alternatively, you can also open a dashboard from the folder settings page by clicking on the view dashboard button.

    View dashboard

  2. Click the edit this dashboard button:

    Edit this dashboard button

  3. Click the move button:

    Move Button

  4. The team folder dropdown list will show all the folders you have permissions to move this dashboard in to. Administrators will see everyone in this dropdown list enabling them to move this dashboard to the globally viewable navigation bar. Other users will only see Team Folders they have permissions to edit.
  5. Select the folder you want to move the dashboard in to.
  6. Drag the dashboard into position in the navigation structure. If there are no dashboards in the folder to position your new dashboard within, just click the move button.
  7. Click the move button to complete the move.

    Complete Move

Editing the Open Access navigation bar

Dashboards on the Open Access navigation bar can be managed from the right-hand menu ☰ > system > Open Access

See How to add a dashboard to the Open Access navigation bar

Any user that is viewing an Open Access dashboard will be able to open any other Open Access dashboards on the Open Access navigation bar.

Dashboards made available as Open Access are no longer controlled by the Team Folder view permissions, and therefore potentially viewable to all users.

How to change the SquaredUp home page (start page)

The page that shows when users click the SquaredUp home button, or when they login, will be the first dashboard on the navigation bar. By default this is the 'Getting Started' dashboard.

Home Button

To change the home page click ☰ > edit navigation and drag the dashboard you want to become the start page to the top of the list of dashboards. Click on the SquaredUp home button, it should show the dashboard you placed at the top of navigation list.

Home Page

Team Folders

About Open Access

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