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How To Manage SquaredUp Dependencies

SquaredUp can automatically import management packs (MPs) as part of the initial product setup or from the system > EAM settings page. The EAM settings page will also show when new online updates are available.

There are two types of management pack that can be imported to the SCOM management group to enhance SquaredUp functionality:

  1. Core Libraries (and overrides management pack)

    These are the SCOM management packs that are required to save and edit Enterprise Applications (EAs) to SCOM, and enable Application Availability Monitoring, Windows Service Monitoring and TCP Link Connection Monitoring. If these are not imported then VADA and EAs will not work.

    System > EAM > CoreLibraries

  2. Discovery Sources

    Discovery sources are SCOM management packs used by VADA to discover devices, connections and components.

    Each management pack enables VADA discovery sources to discover various types of SCOM object types. For example the Citrix NetScaler MP allows Citrix NetScalers to be discovered by VADA.

    System > EAM > DiscoverySources

A green tick indicates that the required management pack is installed and up to date.

A yellow exclamation mark means that further action is required, and hovering over the exclamation mark of the item and the MP below will each explain more. It might be that you have the relevant SCOM management pack, but not the related SquaredUp discovery management pack that would allow VADA to discover the device. Alternatively, the message might say Discovery source requires updates and when hovering on the subsequent MP exclamation mark you might see An updated version of the management pack is available.

This image shows one of the core VADA MPs has not been imported. These packs are required for VADA to function.

MP not imported

This image shows that an updated MP is available and can be downloaded and imported automatically:

Updated management pack available

A grey question mark indicates that VADA would be capable of discovering these objects, but that you don't have the SCOM management pack, or indeed the related SquaredUp management pack.

Discovery Sources Grey Icon

A blue information icon indicates that a 3rd-party MP is out of date, it is not possible for SquaredUp to update it automatically, but the updated version is available from the 3rd party's website.

Discovery Sources Blue Icon

How to install missing management packs

You can reinstall a missing management pack in SquaredUp:

  1. Navigate to the right-hand menu ☰ > system > EAM
  2. This page will show yellow exclamation icons to indicate any missing MPs.
  3. Click the import button.

    Missing Management Pack

Alternatively, you can import each management pack into SCOM directly:

  1. Download the missing management pack(s). The Data on Demand management pack(s) are available from the SquaredUp download page.
  2. Open the SCOM console and go to the Administration workspace.
  3. Right-click on Management Packs and click Import Management Packs.
  4. Click Add > Add from disk, then Yes.
  5. Locate the Data on Demand management pack(s) you have downloaded and click Open and then Install.

If you get a naming conflict message this is because you have a previous version of the management pack installed. Remove the old Data on Demand management pack and then install the new version.

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