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How to activate your licence offline (manually)

After installing SquaredUp you will be prompted to login and enter a licence activation key. You will have been emailed an activation key (often called a licence key), which is then activated against a SquaredUp installation.

Activation needs access to the internet. If your SquaredUp server is behind a web proxy, it may be unable to activate automatically, so you can do a manual or offline activation by following this process using another computer with an internet connection.

The offline activation process described below involves creating a manual request from the SquaredUp server, using a computer with an internet connection to submit the request and download a .bin activation file, and finally copying the .bin file to the SquaredUp server and using it to install the licence.

Where do I find my v4 activation key?

Free trial

When you apply for a free trial you receive an unrestricted 30 day evaluation to try out all features in your own SCOM environment: Request a free trial activation key. If you've previously had a trial, or your trial has expired please contact SquaredUp Support.

Purchased SquaredUp

When you buy SquaredUp you will be emailed your licence keys.

Primary licence - This should be used if you only have one SquaredUp production server, or on your first SquaredUp production server if you are configuring a multi-server / high availability environment.

Secondary licence - This should only be used for any subsequent servers in a multi-server / high availability / load balanced environment.

Dev/Test licences - These are for your test environment so that you can experiment with configuration changes and new versions without affecting production.

SquaredUp v3 customers

Before starting your v4 installation, you should request a v4 evaluation licence, which will allow you to perform any upgrade testing and user acceptance testing, prior to going live and switching your production use to v4. Without this licence you will be able to install v4 and perform an upgrade assessment, but unable to then activate the product and start testing.

Take a moment to read How to migrate from SquaredUp v3 to v4 for important considerations regarding how to upgrade from v3 to v4.

Once you are ready to move to v4 in production, enter your Primary licence key into the Switchover portal to convert all your existing v3 licences to v4 licences which can be used to activate v4. From that point you will have 3 months to run v3 and v4 side-by-side in production, before the v3 instance is no longer supported and you will be in violation of the SquaredUp EULA.

Activating SquaredUp when the server does not have internet access

  1. Browse to http://SquaredUpServer/SquaredUpv4/activate to get to your server's activation screen (where SquaredUpServer is the name of the server where SquaredUp is installed).
  2. Log in as a SCOM Admin user.
  3. Click on offline activation. If SquaredUp is already activated the link will show as offline reactivation.

    Activation screen

  4. On the Manual Request screen paste in your v4 activation key and click the Request button, as shown in the screenshot below:

    Manual Request screen

  5. Click the Copy button to copy the manual activation request to the clipboard.

    Manual Activation third screen

  6. Go to a computer with an internet connection and browse to https://activate.squaredup.com
  7. Paste the manual activation request into the box on the activation website, and click Activate as shown in the screenshot below.

    Manual Activation website initial screen

    If you see a message that the maximum number of activations has been exceeded see Maximum number of activations exceeded for the provided key. You may receive this error if using your v3 activation key on v4, please see How to migrate from SquaredUp v3 to v4 for how to proceed.

  8. Click Download licence file to download the licence activation .bin file.

    Manual Activation website success screen

  9. Copy the .bin file onto the SquaredUp server.
  10. Drag the .bin file into the box that says Drop licence file or click to install.

    Manual Activation sixth screen

    To return to the screen above browse to http://SquaredUpServer/SquaredUpv4/InstallLicence, and log in as a SCOM Admin user.

  11. Once the file has uploaded click Next to move on to the Data Warehouse setup.

If you uninstall and reinstall on the same server you can reuse the same .bin file by browsing to http://SquaredUpServer/SquaredUpv4/InstallLicence. The .bin file cannot be used on a different server. A SquaredUp v2 .bin file will not work with SquaredUp v4.

If you have problems activating please see How to activate your licence. If you need any help please contact SquaredUp Support with your activation key and the problem you are experiencing.

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