What’s new in Squared Up v3.3


Squared Up v3.3 introduces a new out-of-the-box experience, to get new users up and running more quickly.

The following is a summary of the changes in Squared Up v3.3, with more detail in the sections below.

  • Revamped out of the box experience

  • New Status Block tile

  • Show when the health state last changed

  • In-product notifications for updates, licensing and HA

Out of the box experience

For new Squared Up users the Getting Started dashboard and QuickStart dashboard pack help with creating your own first dashboards quickly and easily. The Squared Up Getting Started Guide is a great first port of call for anyone wanting a quick guide to using Squared Up, and includes a two minute run through of the QuickStart dashboards.

New Status Block tile

The Status Block tile is a new addition to the Status tile. As an alternative to using health state icons you can now create high-impact status dashboards showing blocks of colour without the need for a Visio file. For a walkthrough using the Status Block tile see How to use the Status tile.

Show when the health state last changed

You can now change the sublabel to show how long ago the health status changed when using Status icons or blocks. The sublabel defaults to showing the health state summary and you can change this to last state change in the Status tile sublabel section. For more information see How to use the Status tile.

In-product notifications

This new area of Squared Up notifies SCOM Administrators of license expiry, high availability issues, new Squared Up releases and more. See the KB article about In-product notifications here.

More information

You can download the latest version from here and read the Release Notes here.

For a demo of these new features take a look at the webinar ‘Squared Up - New Release - v3.3’:

We hope you enjoy the latest release.

Webinar: Squared Up - New Release - v3.3

Download the latest version

Squared Up Release Notes

New to Squared Up? Start here

Squared Up Getting Started Guide

How to use the Status tile

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