How do SCOM roles and permissions affect what users can do in Squared Up?

Squared Up adheres to the role-based access control (RBAC) within SCOM. A SCOM user accessing Squared Up will automatically be restricted to only what their SCOM permissions / RBAC allows them to see. This is true for everything within Squared Up, whether that’s dashboards, performance reporting, individual objects and so on.

For example, if a user accesses a dashboard that contains items that his RBAC do not permit him to access, then those will not be visible to him within Squared Up. These users will each consume one of the Named User licenses that you have purchased.

  • Administrators can edit, create and delete dashboards in Squared Up, edit and delete alerts and run tasks such as maintenance mode.
  • Authors can edit Company Knowledge.
  • Operators can edit and delete alerts and run tasks.
  • Read Only Operators can drilldown on dashboards, but cannot edit/delete alerts or run tasks.

While users without SCOM access cannot log in to Squared Up, they can view Open Access Dashboards.

By default any SCOM user logging on to Squared Up has access to view pages, but only SCOM admins can create pages and perform other administrative tasks. User profiles allow you to grant users (either on an individual or group basis) the ability to create and edit dashboards, manage dashboard packs, and even manage Squared Up itself. For more information see How to manage user profiles.

This TechNet article lists the SCOM roles and permissions:

How to make a user a SCOM user (How to assign members to SCOM user roles)

  1. In the Operations Manager (SCOM) console, click Administration (bottom left).

  2. Expand Security and click on User Roles.

  3. Right-click on the user role you wish to add your user to, for example Operations Manager Operators, and click Properties.

  4. Click the Add button.

  5. Type the name of the user (or group) that you want to add.

  6. Click OK, and OK again.

    User Role Properties

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