How to change where company knowledge is saved

Company knowledge allows you to extend alert information with escalation notes, troubleshooting steps or resolutions that may be specific to your organisation.


Company knowledge is saved in a SCOM management pack. It is a best practice to organize your company knowledge into separate management packs: for each management pack containing monitors and rules, there should be one management pack containing company knowledge for these monitors and rules.

For example, an alert from a monitor or rule in the management pack Windows Server Operating System should have company knowledge saved to a management pack named something like:

Windows Server Operating System - Company Knowledge

This will allow you to easily remove and upgrade your management packs without losing company knowledge.

How Squared Up chooses a management pack

When editing knowledge in Squared Up, the user is not given a choice of where to save the company knowledge. Instead, it is automatically determined using a rule defined by the administrator. The rule defines the name of the management pack to which company knowledge will be saved. The name can contain parameters that are substituted with values from the alert, monitor or rule which the knowledge is being created for.

The parameters that can be used are:

Parameter Description
{AlertSourceMP} The name of the management pack containing the monitor or rule that is the source of the alert
{TargetClass} The name of the class that the monitor or rule targets
{TargetClassMP} The name of the management pack that contains the class that the monitor or rule targets (may be the same as AlertSourceMP)

So using the example naming scheme above, the naming rule would be defined as:

"{AlertSourceMP} - Company Knowledge"

Squared Up will save the knowledge to the appropriate management pack. If the management pack does not exist, it is automatically created.


Follow these instruction to edit the name of the management pack used for company knowledge.

Modifying the configuration causes the web application to restart and all users will be logged off.

On the Windows Server where Squared Up is installed:

  1. Navigate to the following directory: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\squaredupv3\User\Configuration.
  2. Open the scom.json file.
  3. Edit the following line and replace with your new management pack

    "managementpack-knowledge": "Squared Up Operations Custom Knowledge"

Squared Up will automatically restart and use the new settings.

Deployment FAQ

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