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Where to find log files

Help us speed up troubleshooting

Squared Up support may ask you to send the Squared Up log files to assist with troubleshooting.

We'd love it if you could send us the results of the Squared Up diagnostic script which will include the log files along with a lot more useful diagnostic information, which will help us resolve your problem much more quickly.

It would also be fantastic if you could send a screenshot of the error or issue and a description of what is happening.

More information about the Squared Up Log Files

Logging is enabled by default and Squared Up saves daily logs in the following folder:


If the log directory contains no log files or the log files are out of date, then check that the SquaredUp application pool account (NetworkService by default) has write permissions on the log directory. See the section about applying the correct file permissions automatically in How to check and modify the application pool identity

Up to 31 days' worth of log files are retained. After this point the oldest file will be deleted. So, excluding the upgrade.log file, there will only ever be a maximum of 31 log files in the Transient\Log folder.

If you need assistance please contact Squared Up Support and reply to the automatic response with the output of the Squared Up Diagnostics along with any error messages and helpful screenshots and we will be happy to help out.

Collecting Diagnostic Information

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