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About authentication modes

A key decision when deploying Squared Up is how users will authenticate (log on). You can choose between Forms authentication and Windows authentication. A single Squared Up instance (website) can be configured for either Forms authentication or Windows authentication, but not both. The two schemes are described below.

You can also choose to make certain dashboards available to all users within your organization without requiring authentication. These are called Open Access dashboards (see below).

Authenticated access: Forms authentication vs Windows authentication

To access Squared Up interactively, a user must authenticate with the web application using his or her Windows credentials. These credentials are used to access SCOM and SCOM's role-based access control (RBAC) is used to determine which - if any - resources the user can access. For more information about role-based access control and SCOM permissions see About Role-Based Access Control

Forms authentication

By default, Squared Up is installed with Forms authentication enabled. Forms authentication requires the user to enter his or her username and password to log on.

To use Forms authentication you do not need to make any changes after installation. If you have previously configured Windows authentication and want to switch back to Forms authentication see How to configure Forms authentication.

Windows authentication

Squared Up can instead be configured to use Windows authentication. Windows authentication is also known as Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA), Single Sign-On (SSO) and Pass Through Authentication.

With Windows authentication enabled, the browser automatically authenticates to Squared Up using the user's Windows credentials. The user does not need to explicitly log on to the application.

In some scenarios, configuring Windows authentication can be more complex. If you are planning a new deployment of Squared Up and require Windows authentication, we recommend you install Squared Up on a SCOM management server.

To enable Windows authentication see How to configure Windows authentication

Unauthenticated access: Open Access

In addition to authenticated access to Squared Up, certain dashboards can be published as Open Access. This enables them to be shared across the organization and viewed without users needing to authenticate, or to have any SCOM permissions. To learn more about Open Access see About Open Access

How to configure Windows authentication

How to configure Forms authentication

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