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What’s new in v4?

Squared Up v4 is a major new release that brings significant updates to the dashboarding fundamentals, as well as introducing a brand new Enterprise Application model to SCOM. Upgrading to Squared Up v4 will firstly enable you to deliver a greater array of dashboards to an even wider audience, and secondly deliver a true enterprise application monitoring solution for your organisation.

Dashboarding Fundamentals

New navigation experience

We’ve updated the navigation bar to offer a more intuitive navigation and authoring experience. See How to edit the navigation bar

Matrix tile

The new Matrix tile supersedes the Dynamic Table tile to bring fully-customisable, data-rich grids to your dashboards. See How to use the Matrix tile

Team Folders

Replacing user profiles, Team Folders enable you to deliver dashboards and delegate control to different teams within your organisation (or to different clients if you are service provider). See Team Folders

New High Availability (HA) architecture

We have redesigned the HA architecture in Squared Up v4 to make it simple to configure and support higher volumes of usage. See How to configure high availability

Community Dashboards improvements

A new community.squaredup.com site supports improved product integration, including dashboard pack suggestions tailored to your SCOM environment.

Other dashboard improvements

You’ll find many more improvements to our dashboards including:

  • Advanced tile scoping on perspectives

  • New monitor status block tile

  • Faster loading and rendering

Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Application Designer

The new Enterprise Application (EA) Designer enables you to model your applications and save directly to SCOM as a new Enterprise Application class, replacing traditional SCOM distributed applications. Using the new designer, you can configure availability monitoring for your application, map your application using Visual Application Discovery and Analysis (VADA) and model the application's dependencies.

Application availability monitoring

Use the EA Designer to configure URL or TCP based outside-in availability monitoring of your applications, enabling you to surface meaningful application status dashboards and availability reporting to your business. See How to create an Enterprise Application.

Custom PowerShell based availability monitoring

In addition to URL and TCP monitoring, our powerful new custom PowerShell availability monitoring enables you to measure the availability of any application.

Manual availability reporting

Update your business dashboards with accurate availability information and meaningful status messages for your service desk and end users. See How to manually set the health state of an application.

Enterprise Application dashboards and SLA reporting

Out-of-the-box dashboards for Enterprise Applications enable you to rapidly deliver meaningful, end-to-end application monitoring to stakeholders across your organisation, from end-users, through IT teams to business managers and application owners. Where "green" is based on availability tests and actually does mean it's available!

Next-generation VADA mapping

Our Visual Application Discovery and Analysis (VADA) technology is still at the heart of the EA Designer, and has some major new improvements:

  • Component-level discovery: map applications across specific components such as websites, Windows services and SQL databases

  • Windows service discovery: automatically generate the SCOM monitoring for Windows services identified as part of your applications

  • F5 discovery (requires third party MP): discover application topologies across F5 load balancers

  • Large dataset filtering: view and filter network connections in large-scale server applications

  • Updated user experience: intuitive ‘filter-in’ approach to mapping allows you to filter out the noise and focus on the true application dependencies

Node connection monitoring

In addition to mapping out your application, the EA Designer will automatically set up TCP availability monitoring of each of the application components, giving your teams meaningful alerts for fast issue identification.

Installing v4

If you're a first time Squared Up user take a look at How to install Squared Up v4 for the first time

If you've already got a previous version of Squared Up see Migrating from previous versions of Squared Up to v4

Migrating from previous versions of Squared Up to v4

Release notes

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