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What's new in v4.2 (and v4.1)?


Squared Up v4.2 introduces three new features, as well as a number of bug fixes and quality improvements. For a demo of these new features take a look at the webinar 'Squared Up – v4.2 Release' (55 mins).

The three new feature improvements in v4.2 are:

  • Web API array support
  • Scoping improvements
  • Perspective hiding

These improvements come on top of the enhancements we recently added in v4.1:

Web API array support

You can now build more powerful integrations with third party applications by building queries against multiple objects. You can write your own dynamic query strings based on a list of objects from the tile's scope, or add and edit the mustache style example code snippets. You can even use JavaScript to manipulate the SCOM property values being inserted.

Scoping improvement

You can now quickly and easily find a relevant scope for a new tile, rather than trawl through a long list of SCOM object classes and groups. Tile scopes on perspectives now include realtime contextual suggestions based on the current scope's relationships.

Perspective hiding

To make it easier for your users to find the relevant perspective for a dashboard, each perspective now has a suppress (hide by default) option. This presents a simpler, tidier perspective ribbon to users, and if required, users can click the show more button to view suppressed perspectives.

More information

You can download v4.2 from here and read the Release Notes here.

For a demo of these new features take a look at the webinar 'Squared Up – v4.2 Release' (55 mins):

To see more information on the improvements in version 4.1 see this blog post.

Migrating from previous versions of Squared Up to v4

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Release Notes

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