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What's new in v4.4?


SquaredUp v4.4 brings three new features and many bug fixes and improvements.

  • New dedicated ServiceNow tile
  • VADA support for SQL 2017 & 2019
  • Improved support in VADA for non-ASP.NET IIS websites and web apps
  • New dashboard pack for version agnostic SQL management packs

The Service Now tile

The new ServiceNow tile introduces a new ServiceNow provider which is much simpler to configure than the generic Web API oauth provider.

The dedicated tile also makes it much quicker and easier to get ServiceNow incidents and change requests displayed in SquaredUp, because the complex configuration is done for you.

In addition to the usual scalar and grid displays, this new tile brings you the popular donut visualisation, allowing you to visualise the number of ServiceNow incidents or change requests and of course drill down to ServiceNow.

For more information see How to use the ServiceNow tile.

VADA support

VADA now supports SQL 2017 & 2019, meaning that component level discovery is now supported for SQL 2005 through to 2019.

We've also added improved support for non-ASP.NET IIS websites and web apps, which you'll see with some new icons that visualise these components during discovery and mapping.

For more information see VADA Discover Mode

Support for new SQL Server management pack

A new dashboard pack offers built-in perspectives for version agnostic SQL MPs. This means SQL instances show default perspectives when you drill down to them, but also data and graphs on VADA maps and in the Matrix tile.

New installations of SquaredUp v4.4 will include this new dashboard pack by default.

For existing SquaredUp installations you can download and import the dashboard pack from system > import dashboard packs within SquaredUp.

For more information see Dashboard Packs

More Information

You can download v4.4 from here and read the Release Notes here.

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