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How to activate your licence

Before you can use the product you will need to enter an activation key. If your web server cannot connect to the internet to activate an offline activation is required.

Where do I find my v4 activation key?

Free trial

We give you an unrestricted 30 day evaluation to try out all features in your own SCOM environment: Request a free trial activation key. If you've previously had a trial, or your trial has expired please log a ticket or email support@squaredup.com.

Purchased Squared Up

You will have been emailed your activation key. If you can't find it please contact Squared Up at support@squaredup.com.

Existing Squared Up customers

Before starting your v4 installation, you should request a v4 evaluation licence, which will allow you to perform any upgrade testing and user acceptance testing, prior to going live and switching your production use to v4. Without this licence you will be able to install v4 and perform an upgrade assessment, but unable to then activate the product and start testing.

Take a moment to read Migrating from previous version of Squared Up to v4 for important considerations regarding how to upgrade from v3 to v4.

Once you are ready to move to v4 in production, you can convert your existing v3 licence to a v4 licence, which you will then be able to use to activate v4. From that point you will have 3 months to run v3 and v4 side-by-side in production, before the v3 instance is no longer supported and you will be in violation of the Squared Up EULA.

How to Activate Squared Up

Squared Up needs you to enter your Squared Up v4 activation key, either:

  1. After installing, the set up wizard prompts you to log in as a user who is a SCOM Admin, and ideally SQL sysadmin user, then runs you through first-time use: Login, Activation, Data Warehouse, Open Access, EAM, and Dashboard Packs. See How to install Squared Up v4 for the first time

  2. By browsing to http://SquaredUpServer/SquaredUpv4/Activate (where SquaredUpServer is the name of the server where Squared Up is installed).

Activation Screen

If you are having problems activating

Your Squared Up server cannot connect to the internet to activate the licence

That's fine, you can perform a manual or offline activation on another computer that has got internet access and then copy the .bin activation file onto the server. See How to activate your licence offline (manually).

Maximum number of activations exceeded for the provided key

Activation keys are normally valid for a limited number of activations.

You may receive this error if using your v3 activation key on v4, please see Migrating from previous version of Squared Up to v4 for how to proceed.

If you uninstall and reinstall on the same server and you originally carried out an offline activation then you can reuse the same .bin file by browsing to http://SquaredUpServer/SquaredUpv4/InstallLicence (where SquaredUpServer is the name of the server where Squared Up is installed). The .bin file cannot be used on a different server. A Squared Up v2 .bin file will not work with Squared Up v4.

If you need any help please contact Squared Up Support and let them know your activation key.

This key has expired

Some activation keys - such as for technical preview releases and evaluation licences - are only valid for a limited time period. Contact support@squaredup.com to obtain an up-to-date activation key.

The key is not recognised. Check the key and try again

The activation key was not recognised as a valid key. If you are sure you have entered the key correctly then contact support@squaredup.com.

The online activation server has reported an error

To activate the product, Squared Up connects to a web service hosted on the internet. If you receive this error you should try again, but please contact us at support@squaredup.com if you continue to receive this error.

Activation error: General activation failure. Details: Exception has been thrown by the target invocation

Either you have FIPS enabled, or the licence file has become corrupt. Squared Up will not work with FIPS enabled. If you do not have FIPS enabled contact support@squaredup.com for another copy of the licence file.

Another error not listed here?

Please contact us at support@squaredup.com with details of the error.

Following activation

Browse to http://SquaredUpServer/SquaredUpv4 to log in to Squared Up, where SquaredUpServer is the name of the server where Squared Up is installed.

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