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There are no licenses available, or the license for this user is in use elsewhere



This message is displayed when the same user account is logged in to Squared Up on another machine, or in another browser session running on the same machine. The Named User license can only be used by one user account from one browser session.

If the same user logs in a second time elsewhere, this message will be displayed on the dashboards of the first session, because the Named User licence for this user has been allocated to the second session.


A user can roam across devices, but cannot connect from more than one device simultaneously. A user can have Squared Up open in several browser tabs on the same device at the same time, but cannot access Squared Up from multiple different browsers at the same time.

If you encounter this error, please ensure that there are no browser windows on any machine that your user account is logged into that might have a session open with Squared Up. Then open Squared Up again.

'No license available' shown when user attempts to log on

The error described in this article is shown in a tile on the page when using Squared Up. If users are unable to logon, see Troubleshooting users being unable to log on.


If you need assistance please contact Squared Up Support and reply to the automatic response with the output of the Squared Up Diagnostics and a screenshot of the error.

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