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Troubleshooting users being unable to log on

No license available

No license available. There are either in sufficient named user licenses available, or you have been blocked from logging on to this server.

No License Available

This message means that either:

  • The user trying to log on has been blocked from accessing Squared Up.


  • The maximum number of named users has been reached and therefore this user has been declined a licence.

See How to manage Named Users for how to view the list of Named User licences allocated and how to view the list of blocked users.

Username or password incorrect

This message means that either:

  • The username entered does not exist in Active Directory.


  • If the username is correct, they have entered the wrong password.

Check Active Directory Users and Computers for this user.

Authentication with the System Center Operations Manager server was unsuccessful

This message means that either:

  • The user trying to log on is not a SCOM user and is therefore unable to authenticate against the SCOM SDK.


  • The SCOM server specified is incorrect or inaccessible and therefore Squared Up cannot communicate with the SCOM SDK.

Check the following:

If others users can log in, check that this user is a SCOM user. Check in Active Directory Users and Computers that this user is a member of a group that has permissions to access SCOM. Commonly used roles include Administrator and Read-Only Operator, but users with other roles - such as Read-Only Operator, Operator, Advanced Operator and Author - may also log on, see Who can log on to Squared Up?

If no one can log in check that the SCOM server specified is correct and that the System Centre Data Access Service is running on that server:

  1. On the SCOM server open Server Manager > Tools > Services and right-click on the System Center Data Access Service and click start or restart. Then test again.

  2. Run notepad as administrator (File, Run, type notepad, and then right-click and select Run as administrator) and then open the scom.json file.

    By default this is stored in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\SquaredUpv4\User\Configuration\scom.json

    If you are using high availability (HA) check the scom.json on any Squared Up server.

  3. Update the value next to server-address to the correct SCOM server name, for example:

    "server-address": "SCOMServer01"

    Where SCOMServer01 should be replaced by your SCOM server name.

  4. Save the file.

  5. Recycle the SquaredUpv4 application pool in IIS in your Squared Up server(s).

  6. Check that you can log in to Squared Up.

Users are unexpectedly presented with the Squared Up logon screen

Squared Up v4 Logon Screen

If you are load balancing Squared Up ensure that the load balancer is configured with sticky sessions, source IP/address affinity or persistence enabled see Tips for configuring a load balancer.

If users are unexpectedly logged out before the session time-out is reached see Users are unexpectedly logged out of Squared Up.

Users are presented with the browser sign in screen

Chrome Logon Screen

Internet Explorer Logon Screen

If you have configured Windows authentication / Single Sign-On run the Kerberos diagnostics script to check the configuration, and then follow the troubleshooting article to check the configuration, such as the browser settings. See Troubleshooting Kerberos


If you need assistance please raise a Support ticket by emailing support@squaredup.com and Support will be happy to help. It would be very helpful if you could send a screenshot of the error page and a zip of the output of the Squared Up Diagnostics Script.

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