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How to manually set the health state of an application

Enterprise Applications(EA) allow you to manually set the health state of an application. This feature is only available with an Enterprise Application Monitoring Plus (EAM Plus) licence.

Once you've created your Enterprise Application you can at any time override the reported availability manually and enter your own message to the end users.

  1. In your saved Enterprise Application click the report availability button at the top of the page.

  2. You can then choose between available, degraded or unavailable.

  3. Optionally you can also enter your own text to let users know more about the situation:

    Report Availability

  4. Once the issue has been resolved, don't forget to update your manual availability status and text.

If Report Availability fails to update the EA health state

Report Availability

The SCOM task failed with error code -2130771868

If you have recently upgraded from an EAM licence to an EAM Plus licence you may find that using report availability fails to update the EA health state for EAs created before you upgraded the licence. The workaround is to re-save the EA after the EAM Plus licence has been added, and then run report availability again.

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